Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is on-demand delivery option of computing resources such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics etc. over the Internet.

The main benefits of using cloud are;

1- Scalability- Instant scale of services, underlying infrastructure and applications etc.
2- Uses based Pay- You have to pay based on application, service or infrastructure uses
3- Productivity- Easily accessibly and faster configuration
4- Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
5- Reliability

Types of cloud services.

Software as a Service (SaaS): To use the provider’s application running on the cloud infrastructure. The application can be accessible from the various client devices through a thin client interface e.g. Web browser, web based emails etc. The consumer doesn’t manage or control underlying infrastructure including network servers, middleware, OS etc.

Advantage of using SaaS

  • Instance setup/configuration of Apps.
  • Apps and data accessible from any machine over the Internet.
  • Instant scaling of application

Platform as a Service (Paas): To deploy onto the cloud infrastructure consumer created or acquire the applications created using programming languages and tools supported by the providers. The consumer doesn’t manage or control underlying infrastructure including network servers, middle-ware, OS etc. but has controlled over the deployed applications and possibly application hosting environment configurations.

Advantage of using PaaS

  • Instant and easy deployment of application
  • Reduced complexity using Middleware

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): To provision, processing storage, network and other fundamental computing resources where the consumer is able to deploy and run arbitrary software. This can include OS and applications. The consumer can’t control underlying physical infrastructure but has control over operating system, storage, deployed applications and possibly selected control over networking components.

Advantage of using IaaS

  • On demand self-service
  • Broad network access
  • Resource pooling
  • Measure service


Types of cloud deployment

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Enterprise cloud

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