Short code

Short codes or short numbers are special telephone numbers, to address SMS and MMS messages from mobile phone or fixed phone. There are two types of short codes: dialing and messaging. Short codes are widely used for VAS such as television voting, ordering ringtones, interactive campaign etc.

Shorts codes are configured as Special numbering plan in system and there will be special tariff defined by the service provider for using short code service. Short code also differs from normal mobile range and charging pattern is also different from normal mobile charging pattern.

Charging pattern of Special number are mostly two types:

1: Normal charging

2: Reverse charging

Under Normal charging subscriber is liable to pay charges as per charging uses fixed by operator for using the service.

Eg: Suppose a SMS short code 8888 (CALLED_NUMBER) is provided by operator to activate caller tune and for using this service subscriber (CALLING_NUMBER) will be charged by amount X .In this scenario if a subscriber wants to activate caller tune on his mobile then for every SMS to this short code subscriber will pay amount X for using this service.

In Reverser Charging: CALLED_NUMBER will liable to pay if subscriber using the service.

Eg: suppose operator or CALLED_PARTY configured a short code (123456) for promotional offer (free service). If any subscriber (CALLING_PARTY) will SMS or call to this number then CALLED_PARTY will be libel to pay. In this scenario reverse charging on CALLED_PARTY will be set during rate plan configuration.

7 thoughts on “Short code

    • hello Ryan, This is possible. suppose a sub is in roaming and he want to activate caller tune through SMS. So charges for both shot code SMS service + roaming SMS charges(comes in TAP IN) will be applicable.

  1. great post dude.i am regular visitor of your blog and find only place over Internet where I can find telecom operation related knowledge. post more about Fraud.Thank u very much.keep it up man.

  2. Fantastic work Prasanna . The way you summarize is really appreciable.would really say thanks to you. I have a question.How short code is differ from special numbers like toll free numbers ?

    • Hi Janny, Short codes were different in the sense subs is charged and in special number like toll free number reverse charging is done means for subs its free and the number to whom call / sms made is charged

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